Your vision is one of your most precious assets, helping you work, play and build memories throughout a lifetime. Are you doing everything you can to protect it?

It’s never too early to begin safeguarding your vision. Even if you are still young, even if you have never experienced any eye pain or discomfort, and even if you are happy with your vision, having your eyes examined by a Doctor of Optometry plays a critical role in preserving your overall health and well-being—now and in your later years.

A Doctor of Optometry examines, diagnoses, treats, manages and helps prevent diseases and disorders affecting the visual system, the eye and related structures. They are trained to the same standards as medical and dental professionals, and can prescribe medications to treat certain eye conditions, such as glaucoma, infections, inflammations, allergies and injuries.

A Doctor of Optometry can also assist in diagnosing general health conditions; a thorough eye examination can identify general health conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, certain vascular diseases, and certain types of cancer.


For some people, proactive eye care is particularly important:

  • People with diabetes, and people at a risk for diabetes, should make sure to schedule an eye exam. 
  • People over the age of 40 may be at an increased risk for age-related eye conditions, some of which may have no visible symptoms. 
  • People who work or play outdoors are at increased risk for ultraviolet radiation damage from the sun. 
  • People who use computers frequently are more susceptible to a number of eye problems. 
  • People who are unable to communicate and tell anyone that there is vision loss or eye pain.


The Ontario Ministry of Health covers one eye examination per year for Ontario residents over the age of 65 and for all adult patients with certain medical conditions such as: diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration. In some cases,  where there is a specific eye disease, the Ontario Government will pay for more frequent eye examination.  Please contact us to see if this applies to you.